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The Second Missionary Baptist Church was organized on Friday, June 11, 1943 at the Desoto Hall of Desoto Street with Rev. C.L. Franklin as moderator, Pastor of New Salem Baptist church with Mrs. Dora Harris as acting secretary.  After devotion, the moderator called the roll with a total of 121 people present.  The members adopted a code of constitution of the 18 Articles of Faith and adopted Second Baptist as its name.  Rev J. H. Patton was elected as Pastor.  Second Baptist prospered greatly under the leadership of Rev J.H. Patton and he gave his all until his home going.      

On December 30 1967, a meeting was called to elect a new Pastor after the death of Rev. Patton with Bro. Isaac Berry as moderator.  Rev. W.L. Mayes was elected as the new Pastor.  

On June 11, 1978, the church elected Rev. Fred Brown as Pastor, with Isaac Berry as moderator.  The membership continued to grow and the church continued to prosper under  Rev. Brown’s leadership, until his home going.

On December 02, 2006, Rev. Willie B. Walker was elected as pastor, with Rev. J.L. Payne as moderator.  Rev. Willie B. Walker had a great vision from God for the church and was leading the church well until his departure from SMBC in the fall of 2011.

A pulpit committee was established and a search for a new pastor begin  in  the fall of 2011.  After interviewing and screening many applicants, the congregation voted in December of 2011, and elected Rev. Karl J. Berry as the new pastor.  Rev. Berry began has reign as pastor in February 2012. Rev. Karl J. Berry and First Lady, Minister Jacqueline Berry came to SMBC working for the Lord.  Rev. Karl J. Berry started a Youth Choir in February of 2014. Rev. Berry has embraced the Second Baptist family, and is working to promote unity, peace, and guiding souls to salvation.


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