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Intercessory Prayer Ministry


Our mission is for Christians from around the globe to unite in prayer and fasting for a much needed revival to take place in our world. 

Men Ministry


Bringing together men of all ages to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ; encouraging each other to be servant leaders in our families, the church and community.


Women Ministry


To encourage women to fulfill their call to a God given ministry of discipleship, stewardship and servant leadership via networking, teaching, mentoring, workshops, and conferences.

Youth Ministry


 To engage our youth in a relationship with God; to equip them to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ; and to enjoy and share God’s love.

Sunday school


The Sunday School is committed to reach, teach, win and nurture all members of the Church, and the community through God’s word

Community Outreach


To restore hope and provide opportunities for people to become all that God intends them to be; partner with our Pastor to put Christian faith into action through service in the community.



It is the mission of the Second Missionary Baptist Church Music Ministry to praise, edify, glorify, and uplift God through music, song, and dance.  Committing ourselves to be vessels, led by God, and to embrace the vision and direction God has given our pastor. It is our goal to aid in setting a spiritual pace and tone for the worship services. We aim to get the congregation ready to receive the preached word. 

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