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Our  Pastor


Karl James Berry is the Pastor of Second Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Berry has served in this capacity since December 29, 2011.  

Yielding his life unto Christ early,  Karl Berry began preaching in 1996 at the age of forty one. Continuing to cultivate his calling, Pastor Berry was licensed to preach and ordained in September of 1997. Shortly after that, he was blessed to be elected Pastor of the Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Jonestown, Mississippi on February 12, 2002. Under his leadership, the church grew from a two Sunday church to a full time every Sunday church.


In December of 2011, God called Pastor Berry to resign from Mt. Olive Church for a much greater and awesome calling to be the newly elected Pastor of Second Baptist,  where he has experienced tremendous growth, spiritually and numerically.


Despite a growing church family, Pastor Berry works diligently to ensure that Second Baptist maintains an atmosphere that embodies the "Christian Family." His church family prides him for being accessible to his church members through various facets of communication. Through his submission to the will of God, Pastor Berry has taken Second Baptist Church to unprecedented levels. Under his watch as Shepherd of this flock, he has witnessed the Youth Choir explode to more than 50 children, and has formed life enriching partnerships with community members to ensure that individuals have access to spiritual cleansing and opportunities. Furthermore, the Lead Shepherd, Pastor Berry along with his wife, Minister Jacqueline, have been blessed to experience God's fruitfulness within their own family. They have born their legacy through four sons: Terrance, Marcus, Kenny, and David, three daughters: Keisha, Kim and London. 


Being steadfast, unremoveable and led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Berry has established a full time Five Fold Ministry. His unique style of expository preaching and the simplicity of his teaching has trained and equipped leadership, as well as lay members, to go ye therefore, and teach all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. (Matthew 28:19).




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